8 Moments of truth

moment of truth

Jan Carlzons great 1987 book Moments of Truth reflected on the point at which a “front line” employee interacted with a customer, and how important that interaction was. The digitisation of our lives has profoundly changed the context in which interactions occur, the moment is no longer the point at which some personal  interaction occurs, it is now far more likely that it will be a digital one, and in addition, “front line” now includes everybody.

The idea of Moments of truth needs to be expanded, and categorised so they can be managed independently if it is to be of much more than a cliche.

  1. Opening moments of truth. That may occur anywhere!! Anyhow on a range of platforms.
  2. Referral moment of truth, When someone refers someone else to a web site, blog post, social media platform etc.
  3. Conversion moments of truth. When a “lead” evolves into a “prospect”. Then there are more as the prospect moves through the system to the transaction
  4. Depart moments of truth. The point at which prospects drop out of the funnel, what do you do with them then? Do not lose them!!!! Figure out how to re-engage.
  5. Recidivism moments of truth. The point at which a departed prospect returns to the funnel. Sales funnels as a metaphor work, but the neat, orderly and logical progression seen on all the whiteboards and consultant presentations are far from the truth. The process of moving a contact through a set of steps towards a transaction, then hopefully, many subsequent transactions is messy, random, often illogical and emotional. Therefore, a key marketing task is to raise your recidivism rate
  6. Apostle moments of truth. When a user becomes an advocate, an apostle, for you.
  7. Complaint moments of truth. When customers complain, that is potentially full of information, and opportunity to serve them better, discover where and how you can improve, and convert them to advocates. Alternatively, give them to your competition to harass, as the customer is not always right, but the right customer is always right.
  8. Loyalist moments of truth. When loyal customers return, they do so because they have been satisfied in the past, convenience, the offer is compelling, and sometimes just because it is easy. A returning customer costs way less than it costs to find a new one, the loyalists are the financial backbone of every enterprise, thank them, and treat them like you are grateful for their custom, and pleased to see them again.

I tried some word games to make  the list more memorable, hopefully you can do better than me, I’m just happy that the idea that the context of MOT’s reflects the way you should treat it.


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