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Best Marketing Metaphor ever

This afternoon I saw the best example of marketing I have seen in ages, a metaphor for what it takes to be successful in this crowded, commoditised world. Two youngsters, dressed in jeans and the T-Shirt of the Cancer Council … Continue reading

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While writing the future proofing of marketing post recently , it also occurred to me that we have a generation of kids now becoming serious adults who have grown up immersed in the web 2.0. They are a different breed, … Continue reading

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Future proofing marketing

Marketing used to be about brands, customers, channels, pricing, advertising and the other stuff we came to terms with up to about 2004. Then it changed, and became really confusing. We progressively discovered digital devices, social media, Apps, an exploding … Continue reading

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5 rules for FMCG category marketing

I am old enough to remember doing warehouse withdrawals by hand. Heavens. Then we had early data managers automate the process, an evolution that pottered on for 25 years, through  to category management based on scan data, some of which … Continue reading

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How do we judge political performance?

This week we have had a budget, arguably the first half realistic assessment of the economy for some time, with some politically unpalatable pills swallowed. Not before time. We have also had the budget reply, which was more an election … Continue reading

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The “Twitter Pitch”

  Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) famously opened a letter to his wife whilst “exploring” Australia with the words “I do not have time to write you a short letter, so I have written you a long one”. This statement is a pitch for … Continue reading

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Failure of commission, or omission.

On this Budget “morning after” where public spending is at 33.5% of GDP and rising, all the debate is about the detail, weather or not the  “baby bonus” should be retained, the validity of the forward estimates given recent history, … Continue reading

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Engaging sales people.

I found myself in a heated debate last week with a headhunter about the value, and challenges of SME’s outsourcing the hiring of employees, particularly salespeople. Her view: SME owners are so time constrained that anything not “core” to success … Continue reading

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Is content the chicken to SEO’s egg?

  Creating content, the stuff that engages people, preferably customers, potential customers, and influencers of these two groups people (otherwise why are you doing it?) is a real challenge, but one that successful use of social media demands is addressed. … Continue reading

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R&D portfolio metaphor

Yesterday, watching a bee that had snuck in my office window trying to get out, I was reminded of a simple fact that to my mind is a great metaphor. Put a few bees in a bottle, and point the … Continue reading

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Success is a contingency

Success is the result of hard work, smarts, good teams, focus, with a hit of “right place, right time” thrown in, etc, etc, right? Right. At least that is what I always believed, knocked into me by my Dad who believed, … Continue reading

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Social media explained

Lets talk about social media for a moment, it is on the mind of most running SME’s. and it is the object of lots of “hype” by snake-oil salesmen. There is a huge amount of very useful verbiage, and mountains of … Continue reading

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The competitive advantage of SME’s.

Yesterday I did a presentation to a group of owners of small businesses, people who seemingly compete against the odds from a point of weakness, as almost everybody is bigger, better resourced, has better technology, and are more connected, than … Continue reading

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Big Bang day.

20 years ago yesterday, April 30 1993, CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear research, the developer of what has become the W.W.W. announced that they would open it up, making it free to all by posting the codes on what … Continue reading

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