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6 questions for advertisers with Apps.

Traditional paper publishing is going down the slot, we all know that, but it still has a place, particularly the magazines, and most particularly the lower  volume, niche end, high fashion and  exotic cars for example.  So what happens to … Continue reading

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Human costs of innovation.

In the December 2011 quarter, Apple made  $13 billion in profits, an extraordinary figure, 3 billion more than the revenue of Google in the quarter. Apple is an innovation machine, making it so is the legacy of Steve Jobs. However, there is … Continue reading

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5 key Leadership attributes

 Libraries have been written on this topic, so perhaps a summary for 2012 is warranted, particularly as we go into tougher, and more ambiguous times. Plot a course that others can relate to, buy into, and understand. Inspire and energise … Continue reading

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Australia’s meaningless celebration.

It’s Australia day, a celebration of nationhood, opportunity for pollies to grandstand, excuse for a piss-up, whatever floats your boat. Perhaps it should be a day for articulating our national challenges, in a manner that encourages rational debate based on … Continue reading

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Social Media & the Iceberg metaphor.

The term “Social Media”  is catch-all for a multitude of web based services that bear little similarity to each other beyond their location on your nearest device. Each tries to deliver a compelling and differentiated benefit, often to a very … Continue reading

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Budgeting, storytelling, and 4 questions.

 Budgeting and storytelling are synonyms in many companies I have seen. The budgeting process usually is a source of much angst, optimism, gaming, heavy workload, and often intimidation. We all bitch about the inflexibility and unreality of the budget setting … Continue reading

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Management crash diet.

 Most of us know that if we set out to lose weight, a crash diet usually just works in the short term, what we really need is a change in lifestyle, or at least, some aspects of our lifestyle. Obvious. … Continue reading

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