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Talk is cheap

We are pretty well immune to those who make promises, as we have heard it all before, and having been burnt, and burnt, we tend not to believe the hype this time. Doesn’t matter if it is a colleague assuring … Continue reading

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Measuring leadership.

Leadership is often seen as a “soft” skill, hard to measure, and really only obvious with the benefit of hindsight. Perhaps not, the potential success of leaders can be at least partly assessed by looking at what makes people unsuccessful … Continue reading

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Indecision amplified.

I spoke to a few people in Canberra yesterday, curious as to the impact of the Labor leadership cat-fight on the rest of the place. Whilst I expected it to be the topic of the day, the consensus was that … Continue reading

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Sell the frog.

¬†Successful stories are always greater than the sum of their parts. Great stories engage, enlighten, inform, and inspire, so to dissect the sum to explain the parts may seem easier than selling the whole thing, but it usually does not … Continue reading

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The why and how of budgeting

Into the new year, most companies that have June 30 as year end will start the tortuous path of setting the new budget. I have seen the budget process take 6 months, and be as useless as a water pistol … Continue reading

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Product Disasters can be marketing gold.

Remember the Arnott’s case, in 1997 they recalled millions of packets, and showed them being crushed on TV, in the days before u-tube. Tylenol in the US went trough the same thing in 1882, 6 packets were laced with cyanide, … Continue reading

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Mobile Visual Search, MVS for short

Just a few months ago, QR codes seemed to me to be the answer to a marketers prayer, a simple way for products and services to connect with anyone with a mobile device, and an interest.¬† However, Aussies,¬† often quick … Continue reading

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