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Google + on air, an anti-facebook bomb?

This new avenue to live broadcast, as distinct from posting a video on Youtube, seems to me to be a game-changer. Social media lives by interaction, engagement, that is what gives it its power,  and to be able to go … Continue reading

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Lean ROI calculation

Return on Investment is the basic calculation made to assess any investment, but too often gets complicated by all sorts of assumptions and forecasts. In these days of rapid prototyping, access to A/B testing tools using the web,  and the … Continue reading

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Death of an industry

Last week speaking to a gathering, I told the group that Australia was now a net importer of food with a $2.7 billion deficit in 2010-2011, according to the AFGC State of the Nation report . Utter disbelief was the … Continue reading

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Brand Loyalty?

The holy grail, the prime objective of billions of dollars of advertising, the  wall behind which many campaigns that have failed to generate incremental sales have hidden, Brand Loyalty.  I cannot help but wonder if the label “Brand Loyalty” is … Continue reading

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Four immutable laws of sales.

For years with my sales consulting hat on I have pushed the notion that when selling a product or service that requires the B2B buyer to exercise some level of consideration, so it excludes the everyday, commodity purchase, there are … Continue reading

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IP and the network business model

Another paradox surfaced by the emerging business networked models is that of ownership of IP. In the old days, just a few years ago, ownership of IP was top of mind in many if not most development situations, but then … Continue reading

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Jobs to be done.

Marketing groups usually set about segmenting markets by one of two basic ways: By demographics, age, sex, education, income, with/without children, and so on, or, By product category, for example meat is usually segmented by breed, cut, pack size, price. … Continue reading

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The Marketing HiPPO.

 Years ago I worked for a Marketing Director who took his job seriously. That meant that every pack design, advertisement, poster, publicity shot, research proposal, all the day to day business of a busy marketing function had to be OK’d … Continue reading

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Branding frameworks

Selecting the best branding option is a topic that always attracts debate, in any business I have worked with. What is usually missing in these conversations is a framework for the thinking, boundaries against which to measure the options. This … Continue reading

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Internet eco-system brain-food

For anyone interested in the evolution of the web, and the businesses that inhabit its ecosystems, particularly the big four, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple, this Fast Company article is a must read. The astonishing thing for me, is that … Continue reading

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Creativity and risk.

Creativity at its heart is a process of either something entirely different, or coming at  something currently around by an entirely different path. Weather it be a painting, piece of music, a new bit of electronic wizardry, or just a … Continue reading

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Pivot to innovate

Nick Hortovanyi’s blog led me to this terrific short video on the “Pivot” a concept  articulated by Eric Ries in his book “Lean Startup”. The notion of the “Pivot” has always been there, I have seen it many times, and … Continue reading

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The elasticity of status quo.

With apologies to my economist friends, the notion of demand elasticity can be applied to the status quo in an organisation. Embedding change in an organisation is remarkably hard, the status quo is capable of absorbing lots of punishment, and … Continue reading

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Perception drives good decision-making.

30 years ago when housebrands were making their first inroads into Australian supermarkets, I took over management of Fountain tomato sauce. At the time it was a runaway market leader in NSW, but was being badly hurt by emerging cheap … Continue reading

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Selling is believing.

Your high potential new customer, the one you thought you had brought into the fold, was about to sign up,  the one you had assured the boss would place their first order next week, suddenly, at the 11th hour, inexplicably, … Continue reading

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Politics trumps policy

When this Parliament came to us “hung”, as it were, I hoped that its nature would engender a vigorous debate, the merits of policy would take centre stage as the various sides argued their point of view. Naively, I believed … Continue reading

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Value chain sustainability.

The word sustainable holds connotations of farming practices, and environmental sensitivity, all true, but only half the story. A sustainable chain must also be commercially sustainable, and one without the other is by definition, unsustainable. The characteristic that drive both … Continue reading

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