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Of Gnomes, underpants, and phase 2.

We have a Department of Innovation in Canberra, and similar departments or at least functions in every state jurisdiction, and piles of industry bodies and associations, all mouthing clichés about Innovation being the savior of the economy, and the way … Continue reading

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3 reasons Incrementalism wins: Sadly.

Across all my activities, I hear management talking about the “next big thing”, the importance of innovation, of being different, creating new product platforms, and striving to be disruptive, but settling for a change of colour, flavour or pack size. … Continue reading

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Digital policy “Snafu”

  Governments and their regulation centric thought processes always lag the digital developments that are accelerating in our world. Typically, they are regulating to close the barn door well after the horse is across the paddock, and failing to consult … Continue reading

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Visual marketing explosion

The old adage of a picture replacing a thousand words is being writ large as the social media ecosystem mutates at astonishing speed to accommodate that old truism. Millions of photos are uploaded every day, and marketers have recognised the … Continue reading

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Lobster Marketing and context.

  We pay a fortune for lobster, it is a delicacy, but it is not long ago that lobster was poor peoples food. If you had nothing else to eat in New England in the 18th or 19th centuries, you … Continue reading

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4 key marketing trends and the secret sauce of success.

    Marketers have a whole range of new tools to use to tap the opportunities emerging from the  digital age, but most appear to approach the challenge in an ad hoc manner. It seems to me that there are … Continue reading

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We pay for better.

  As this excruciating  election campaign continues, the trivial, irrelevent, personal, short term crap we have come to expect is getting laid on with a spade. Nothing substantive is being considered by the pollies, and whilst it is easy to … Continue reading

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