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To collaborate or not to collaborate

It seems that everywhere there is a drive to collaborate, without any real regard to the challenges of collaboration, the behavioral and cultural changes necessary for success. Collaboration has become an end in itself, rather than a strategy that has … Continue reading

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“iownership” of ipod IP

A while ago, I blogged about the ownership of IP, the individual Vs the employer, and quoted the case of a designer who left Mattel for their competitor, MGA Entertainment, created a competitor to “Barbie” and ended up in court … Continue reading

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Social networking from work.

How do companies harness the power of social networking to the benefit of their businesses?. It is simply a fact that employees will go into facebook, twitter, and so on, using company time and resources, rather than trying to stop … Continue reading

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Supermarkets greening?

¬† Trader Joes in the US is not a huge chain, but they are one of the ones to watch to see what the others will be doing in the future. Joes has a rich history of being different, and … Continue reading

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Web site optimisation

There are lots of web site optimisation tools around, including the free ones from Google which do a pretty good job, and there are many people around who will promise you the world by next Sunday. However, the tools are … Continue reading

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Tour de brand

Building a brand is a “one bit at a time” exercise. Most aspiring brand managers look at Coke, Google, Microsoft, the local leader in their market, and think about how they can take them on, and win. The process is … Continue reading

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Know your competitor

The only way to win is to attack, you can prevent being beaten by defense, but as any football coach knows, defense will not win. Same in business, you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses compared¬† to the opposition, … Continue reading

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