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6 rules for Strategic Alignment.

Every strategy book and article I have ever read talks about “alignment” as the holy grail of effective strategy implementation, but rarely have I seen it articulated in simple terms that are easily communicated. So here goes: Ensure there is … Continue reading

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Presenter or Mentor

Presentations happen all the time, most are boring, usually because the presenter is talking about his favorite subject, “me, me, me” when the reality should be all about the audience, weather that be one person, or a thousand. Successful presentations … Continue reading

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Assumptions become facts

How often have you seen assumptions, either made in the early stages of a project, or as a result of a long association with a product category blinding people to alternatives, gradually become accepted as “fact”? I have seen it … Continue reading

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Review of produce marketing and its future

The future of produce marketing in Australia is fraught with difficulties that many who just buy their produce in the supermarket will never think about. The dominance of the chain supermarkets, lack of innovation, fragile investment outlook, environmental concerns, regulatory inconsistency … Continue reading

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Who would buy shares in a Telco?

Telstra is one of the best yielding shares around, management knows there is no other reason to hold them, so effectively pump the share price with good yields.  At the current prices they are a good buy, being assured of a … Continue reading

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SEO is the new benchmarking

Operational benchmarking was one of the “flavours of the month” for a long time in the nineties, until people realised that finding  out what the best in class were doing, then expending resources to copy them, just ensured you never … Continue reading

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Behavior & Technical change

It seems that technical changes are facilitating behavior changes that were previously constrained by the practical and cost barriers that existed. However, the really important changes occurring are not the technical ones, but the manner in which consumers use them, … Continue reading

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