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Almost gone

The news  that Fosters will be sold to SA Miller Brewing represents almost the last Australian food and beverage business with a global brand has now disappeared. I say almost, as I can think of no other, but  some may … Continue reading

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The most valuable question

Complexity is strangling us, paralysis by analysis has become pretty widespread, and the paradox is that we are all trying to do more with less. In that context, creating an environment where everyone can contribute to the maximum of their … Continue reading

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The APP report, a great idea squandered

Years ago as a senior manager in a large organisation, part of the monthly routine was to write an APP report: Achievements, Problems, Plans, kept to an A4 page, used as a scene setter for the more detailed monthly report. … Continue reading

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Carbon emotionalism

Am I the only one, or are others getting as sick as I am of the shallow, cliché ridden utterances of both sides of this “debate”? The government is pushing their carbon tax, which will become law on July 1 … Continue reading

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The organisation as a village.

Thinking about they way organisations work, the “industrial” model of hierarchical functional management, expertise and knowledge hoarded, and little transparency of effort and outcomes is way past its use buy date. We are social animals, who evolved in a village, … Continue reading

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SME’s take heart!

Ask a SME manager in packaged goods, “would you like a phone call from Woolworths ordering stock of your new product for every store in the country?” and you will most likely get a tear with the nodded head. Enter … Continue reading

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To train or not to train.

One of my clients, a modest sized business inhabiting a narrowing but quite deep niche of manufacturing,  has over a period of time put considerable resources into training their essenial technical people to be expert in the fields vital to … Continue reading

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