Nearly 40 years working in and around the Australian food industry as an executive, and for the last 18 years as a contractor and management resource for businesses and groups varying from very large FMCG operators to small groups of growers and manufacturers and everything in between, has given me plenty of opportunities to gather experience, anecdotes and common sense.

Peter Drucker once described what older contractors  like myself bring to a business as “Intellectual Capital on demand”.

That is a description I like.

Intellectual Capital is what you have between your ears, the accumulation of the lessons learned from your own experience, and that of others you have studied and learned from. More simply, I like to think of it as ‘Wisdom on demand”.

Gaining experience and commercial wisdom takes time, and those that deliver it to you are focused on your challenges, not on the corporate machinations that absorb so much executive time and energy.  Happy to talk to you about it.

Consulting firm Booze & Co has completed a study (December 2012) that confirms the value of Interim CEO’s, and the same holds for other functional heads. This is absolutely consistent with the notion of “Intellectual Capital on demand”.

Call me for a chat, and we can discuss how I can help add value to your business.

Best wishes

Allen Roberts


Mobile: 0410 627 318

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