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How do you choose?

This almost completed Federal election was about a lot of things, many of them contradictory, and beyond the wisdom of the bulk of the electorate to distinguish the rhetoric and spin from the facts. Does the sad view of the … Continue reading

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Collaboration lessons from Canberra

This hung election has generated a tsunami of comment, but nothing I have seen on the mechanics of collaboration, a key factor in any lasting resolution to the impasse  I would have thought. The idea of a “party” is simply … Continue reading

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Scale, speed and technology

The challenge of competing successfully in the digital age is to build the advantages of scale, without  the inertia of the bureaucratic structures that usually come with it as a means to manage and control  activities and investment priorities, not … Continue reading

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Mass amateurisation

15 years ago the task most organisations were applying themselves to was “mass customisation”. How do we mix the cost benefits of mass production with the individual needs of the customer? Dell redefined the PC market by finding ways, as … Continue reading

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The more things change…….

Conventional wisdom of the past decrees that copyright is essential to the well-being and motivation of the suppliers of the publishing stock in trade, authors. This self serving position is contrary to mountains of evidence accumulating as the web goes … Continue reading

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Leaders give you eight things.

Leadership is a subject that has filled libraries, kept researchers in businesses, and academics interested for decades. However, anyone who has been around organisations for a while probably sees it a bit more simply if they have given it any … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a great brand

Almost everyone has heard the term “Dow Jones” or perhaps “The Dow” and know at least that it is something to do with stocks in the US, but few would immediately think of it in the context of a brand. … Continue reading

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