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Cash for suggestions – is it necessary?

Many businesses offer cash for suggestions, put a suggestion box near the canteen, and wonder why most of the suggestions  are physically impossible, morally debatable, and often both. In the end, successful suggestion programs offer the reward of personal satisfaction … Continue reading

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To tax or not to tax!

Despite the optimistic nonsense coming out of the Government in Canberra, and the shrill response of the opposition and mining industry, we need to consider the proposed new mining tax in a wider context. I am not an economist, so … Continue reading

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It would be nice to know

Now there is an explanation for the common situation where a person fails to see what to others appears to be blindingly obvious. The Dunning-Kruger effect provides the psychological evidence supporting what most of us see often, and that is … Continue reading

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Cheap or Frugal

“Cheap” implies less of everything that is important, not built to last, minimal attention to the detail, and certainly little customer service. However, “Frugal” implies a discipline that ensures that waste is eliminated, unnecessary features eliminated, but the basic performance … Continue reading

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Data and useful information.

Working with a relatively new client recently, I was very impressed with the data that was available, but bemused by the almost total absence of productive use that was made of it. It became obvious pretty quickly that most of … Continue reading

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Changing the climate game.

The current debate, such as it is in Australia in relation to climate change, is all about the sort of tax regime that is required, and the need to change peoples behavior, and thus their attitudes. What all this misses … Continue reading

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Features and benefits

How often we confuse the reasons our customers buy products, how easy it is to get carried away with the technology, the newness, the features of the product, and never consider the real, usually unstated drivers of consumption. Great marketing … Continue reading

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