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Innovation, Hypocrisy and Money.

Apple has beaten Samsung in the US court, protecting a raft of patents that apply to mobile devices, acquiring a pile of cash, and the probable withdrawal of a number of Samsung products from the market. Competitive nirvana. Whilst it … Continue reading

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4 sources of innovation

Innovation is not a marketing term, it is much wider than that, it is a mind-set. It remains however, an eternal question, often used to open another boring workshop, “What is innovation?” Usually those who ponder this question are the … Continue reading

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Net promoter score interpreted.

Most of the best ideas are simple, as is the Net promoter Score (NPS) the brainchild of Bain & Co executive Fred Reichheld. As it gained currency, its simplicity became blurred by unnecessarily imposed complexity,  often added it seems, just  … Continue reading

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Your customers are in the jungle

Social media is a jungle, full of vegetation that limits the view, poisionous flowers that look beautiful at first glance, small areas of bright sunlight that somehow finds its way through the foliage, nasty surprises of many types, and gems … Continue reading

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Selling is a conversation

I wandered into a car dealer a while ago, largely killing some time, but I do need a new car, sometime soon, so I was tyre kicking with a rough agenda. One of the salesmen saw me get out of … Continue reading

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The “semantics” of marketing

People are always looking for answers in their lives, whilst mostly not being in a position to frame the question sufficiently to enable a search as specific as one on Google. It is a factor in our lives that contributes … Continue reading

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Sales is the core function

 Without sales, all the rest of the stuff that goes on in an enterprise is irrelevant. All the lofty strategies, policies, and well intentioned platitudes are dependent on the delivery of sales for their oxygen. As a senior manager in … Continue reading

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