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3 essential sales skills

Regularly I find myself on the receiving end of a pitch of some sort, as do all in business. We all buy and sell on a daily basis, and whilst¬† there are easily recognisable and specialised functions that buy and … Continue reading

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Risk and A/B testing

As a marketer, I am fairly left brain oriented, some may say flakey and opinionated, and I have done well with that for many years. Here is the paradox. You can now test just about everything if you try hard … Continue reading

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Reading the consumers mind.

Businesses spend many millions trying to understand the way consumers consider the choices confronting them in a supermarket. With up to 30,000 items on shelf, and some categories having hundreds of choices, it is a key consideration. A mix of … Continue reading

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Outside-in innovation

My early days of marketing were as a minor part of the team that created Meadow Lea, the brand that completely changed then dominated the margarine markets for the following 25 years. I was really just a young gopher, but … Continue reading

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10 X 8 Framework for a content StrategyAudit

These days with the ubiquity of mobile and social, almost everyone is a media channel. Recognising this simple fact changes the formula for media success. In the old days, the formula used so successfully by mass marketers was: Money X … Continue reading

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8 ways to build a hypothesis testing mind set.

The most successful people I have seen over 40 years of business share one crucial characteristic. Curiosity. The successful are insatiably¬† curious, it spans all aspects of their lives, not just the parts that are spent working at what pays … Continue reading

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How to build a personal brand

Personal branding seems to be a popular topic around the pub, even the brickie who lives a few streets away, and is not known for his new age sensitivities, has got a hold of it. It is not new, Julius … Continue reading

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