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Happy 2010

  Business is basically simple, it is people that generate the complications and distractions, and us that allow the distractions that make it complicated. The simple rule: spend less than you have coming in, and work like hell to bring … Continue reading

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The real value of Christmas.

  Christmas is a great opportunity to contact people you have not had a reason to contact for a while. Old friends, former colleagues, former clients, those who share an experience or passion and people you just like. In this … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

It is Christmas day, so I wish the best for 2010 to the dedicated few and the black dog who dip into this blog on a regular basis. I hope that what I write touches a nerve, brings a grimace, … Continue reading

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Copenhagen party flop

It is pretty obvious that the big party in Copenhagen finished like most big parties where there are lots of strangers with different agendas, in an unsatisfactory way for all. The nonsense of the Rudbott and his sidekick trying to … Continue reading

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Two ways to develop an innovation capability.

  Innovation is about changing the status quo, doing something differently, going against the herd. You can make your intentions obvious by yelling about it, which is not often successful, or you can start changing the perspective of others by … Continue reading

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Managing organisational ambiguity

In today’s cross functional organisations, “Internal Marketing ” has taken on a whole new meaning. In the past, functional battles were waged at the senior management level where the resource allocation decisions were made. Now, with cross functional teams and … Continue reading

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Demand chain innovation pay-off

  Turning a supply chain 180 degrees to become a demand chain is an inordinately difficult organizational challenge, not because it does not make sense, but because it requires organizations and the people in them to be able to see … Continue reading

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