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Innovation and sex.

Bet that got your attention……… Successful Innovation is almost always the end result of many experiments, resources expended that deliver no result, lots of huffing, puffing, moments of excitement, and from time to time great let-downs. Just like sex. And … Continue reading

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3 aspects of Leadership and responsibility.

Recently my local council took a decision under extremely dubious circumstances, and against the wishes of much of the local community, and their own guidelines. In preparing for my 3 minute opportunity to voice my disgust at the decision, and … Continue reading

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Marketing is a verb!

A Verb,  a word that is something that describes an action, like work, run, achieve, but often, unfortunately when marketing is the topic of conversation, words such as complicate, confuse, dodge, unmeasurable, and such can be added.  Seth Godin sees marketing … Continue reading

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Engage to sell

Sales people are used to being measured by hard metrics, and management is very used to imposing and managing these metrics, and marketers are more inclined now than just a while ago, to have quantifiable measures. Therein lies one of … Continue reading

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Encouraging comments on a blog.

The “social” part of social media is a metaphor for a conversation you would have over the back fence, or in a shop, on the street, and so on, it is just electronic. It makes sense therefore to treat the … Continue reading

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Shopping is social.

Amidst the moans being heard from bricks and mortar retailers, you can still see in almost any store you choose to enter, opportunities to make the experience of shopping easier. If it was more social, friendly, service oriented in stores, … Continue reading

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Fight the war once

Huge amounts of marketing dollars are spent to convince customers to come back. They try the product, leave, or just shop around, so we spend to get them back. If marketing really was a war, as the analogies often go, … Continue reading

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