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A brand or a “narrative”

Politicians on both sides of Australian politics are calling for a “narrative” to describe the values that the electorate should hold dear, particularly advocating a set of values that happen to be consistent with theirs, and their particular brand of … Continue reading

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Road to the top.

In a world of disruptive change, the perhaps usual path to the CEO’s office needs to be rethought. Over the last 50 years, CEO’s have largely come from accounting and business management backgrounds, more latterly, marketing & strategy have had … Continue reading

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Have we forgotten how to communicate in writing?.

Yesterday I received a number of communications, by various means that broke all the accepted rules of grammar, spelling, and what an old fogey like me considers common courtesy, and it got me thinking. Email, phone text, and now twitter … Continue reading

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The facts and the stories.

Remember your history teachers, one who just had you remembering the dates of events, hard work remembering, and why bother anyway, but what about the one who told you about the people, and engaged you with the stories around the … Continue reading

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Measuring the quality of a sales lead.

Generating and qualifying leads is a key function that rarely receives the attention it deserve, and is rarely measured for effectiveness other than looking at sales results. Like any process, if it can be measured against performance standards, improvements can … Continue reading

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Category management and demand chains.

Demand chains are a representation of the drivers of “flow” through a supply chain, a concept familiar to those engaged in “lean” initiatives, when the motivator to the flow is demand rather than an ability to produce for inventory or … Continue reading

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The 3 questions of successful selling B2B.

It is pretty obvious, although not always acted on that you should define the problem before you spend time trying to sell a solution. There are many techniques to getting to the point where the sale can be made, libraries … Continue reading

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