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The good news and the bad news

The good news is that at least part of the nasty, smelly, political wind coming our way in 2013 will be avoided by the Prime Ministers announcement yesterday of the September election date. The context of the statement, that she … Continue reading

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An obvious outcome from the ACCC.

I wonder how anybody could be in the slightest bit surprised that Coles and Woollies are raking in the profits from petrol retailing, as has been reported recently. We have allowed a virtual duopoly to emerge and duopolies behave in … Continue reading

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Social density

Groups, networks, friends, and even loose 2nd and 3rd party connections via social media all have similar characteristics when viewed from a distance. Groups of people interconnected in some way. However, the real value of a group is its density, … Continue reading

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Where to now my friends?

Today is Australia Day, January 26, 2013. As I watch what is going on around me, I see a lot of frenetic stuff, the hype at the cricket, crowds of people carrying “Australia” bags, hats and eskies, Pollies offering platitudes … Continue reading

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Managements favorite metaphor, trashed.

If I hear the sporting team metaphor once more this week, I think I will spew, although I have often used it myself over the years. I’ve been contributing to a sales conference this week, listening to some intelligent, well … Continue reading

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“Graph Search” branding

“Graph Search” may offer the potential of a financial bonus to the beleagured facebook shareholders sucked in by the IPO hype, I suspect it is, but what were they thinking when they dreamt up the name? A brand is supposed to … Continue reading

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Productivity increase = Wealth creation

The maths are simple, do more with less, and you have more left over at the end. Productivity is not just something you aim for in the factory, the opportunities to do more with less are  everywhere, in every activity … Continue reading

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