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What matters?

  One of the most common questions I get is how you get away from competing on price. A couple of things are common in the situation that leads to the question: Someone else has control of the value chain. … Continue reading

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10 questions for a Customer Value Audit.

Customer Value has almost become a cliché, often trotted out to cover the lack of real marketing insight. Effective articulation of customer value, and the business model and processes to deliver it remains  at the core of those businesses that … Continue reading

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Do you need a telephone?

I asked that question a week or so ago of a group of SME’s, most of whom did not have any digital presence. None said their businesses would survive without a phone. Why is it then that they think they … Continue reading

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Another bloody meeting

  Meetings are supposed to be a place where work gets done, accountabilities exercised options  articulated and examined, decisions made, and outcomes reported. However, often they become just a reason to have another meeting. Whilst the public sector comes in … Continue reading

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Scale social one person at a time.

  There are platforms that will automate social for you, do everything, except the one thing that really counts, make a person to person connection. “Social Media” badly used is a terrible misnomer, it is often anti-social media, an effort … Continue reading

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10 rules for small retailers to out-compete chains

Chain stores dominate our grocery shopping environment, they have developed all the advantages of scale, and use them to the advantage of their shareholders, by delivering returns, and to customers by delivering low prices. The model works, in Australia 75% … Continue reading

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Greatest marketing mistake

  One of the most memorable, and biggest mistakes I made as a young product manager was to redesign a pack. The product was an old fashioned, relatively low value product on supermarket shelves, it had a small niche to … Continue reading

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