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Who holds the oil can?

The disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico will generate a welter of written material, both legal and managerial as the causes, responsibilities and therefore liabilities get sorted out, and those responsible seek to put in place a set … Continue reading

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The inertia of incumbency

Providers of what eventually  become seen as “Legacy” systems have the most to lose from a disruptive innovation, so they usually fight the hardest to maintain the status quo simply because they have so much to loose, and the collective … Continue reading

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Anti-innovation excuses.

The formula for innovation success is different in each set of circumstances, but has some consistent themes: time, determination, patience, skill, top level support, collaboration, a combination of analytical and spatial skills, engaged participants, process discipline, and tolerance of failure. … Continue reading

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Digital democracy’s brother.

The brother of digital democracy is Analytical Insights. As more and more happens on the web, the opportunity to develop analytical techniques and resulting algorithms that are able to assist the prediction of behavior grows. As every user of Amazon, … Continue reading

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Digital Democracy

A newish term to describe the capacity of consumers to respond, and to initiate change, and it is having a huge impact on the demands on the people running the  marketing efforts of all organisations, and the breadth of their … Continue reading

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What a wonderful, emotive description, courtesy of Seth Godin,  of the sort of make work activity we all undertake to put off doing those difficult, risky, confronting jobs that can really add value. It takes effort not to stomp on … Continue reading

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The end, and the beginning?

The momentum of innovation in the auto industry has picked up a notch, as a resurgent Toyota allies with Tesla to re-open the NUMMI plant closed earlier this year to produce a mass market electric car. Toyota got the ball … Continue reading

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