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Qantas wins the right for some to manage.

The Fair Work Australia decision overnight to order the termination of industrial disputation immediately, rejecting the unions request for a 120 day moratorium on action, is a win for managements right to manage for the long term health of a … Continue reading

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Future Leadership skill requirement

The old axiom that there are two certainties in life, death and taxes, has been expanded by a third certainty: change. Should this third certainty have an impact on the nature of leadership in the future? My view, Absolutely!. In … Continue reading

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The cost of quality

What a great phrase to start a debate around the board table, often heated, as most still see the two as a trade-off, the better the quality, the higher the cost. How much better to beat the bean counters at … Continue reading

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Momentum and Initiative.

A while ago, when Google+ was first launched, I questioned its value, and by extension, future. The reason for my skepticism, was that an initial look at Google+ led me to the conclusion that the inherent switching costs involved in … Continue reading

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Collaboration and Autonomy

Is there a paradox here, or are collaboration and autonomy complementary? On one hand we are seeking to encourage collaboration to engage everyone and maximise chances of optimum thinking to occur, whilst usually discounting the potential for “groupthink”. On the … Continue reading

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SME’s and Quantitative easing.

It seems to me that the geniuses making economy wide financial decisions around the world, but particularly in the US and Europe are making the same mistake many of my SME clients make. They are failing to distinguish between the … Continue reading

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What is, what it should be

Creating a sense of commitment to an outcome is the job of anyone who seeks to lead. Perhaps the most powerful way of achieving this is to build an understanding in an audience of what the current looks like, and … Continue reading

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