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Rip van i-Winkle

Just imagine Rip going to sleep in 1991. His world was made up of pyramid shaped organisations organised geographically, and most likely he worked for one person in the same location. Rip got his news in the paper the next … Continue reading

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Strategy is making difficult choices.

Strategy is all about making choices about where available resources will be allocated, considering both the benefits and risks of alternatives in the context of opportunity cost.  In this country we have reserves of natural gas tied up in seams … Continue reading

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Ban retrospectivity!

Why does the government set out to create conflict? Is it to distract attention? The current “debate” on cigarette packaging is a silly nonsense, a politically inspired furphy. Obviously it is in the community’s interest to reduce smoking rates, smoking … Continue reading

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4 Drivers of culture

Culture is most often defined by repeating Michael Porters assertion that “culture is the way we do things round here”. However, this leaves the question of  what drives the way things are done. From my observations over many years, there … Continue reading

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Thoughts on e-tail

Retailers have spent 50 years offering a wide range of options to scratch any shopping itch. They have trained consumers to expect, indeed demand, a wide range, but given their walls are not elastic, is it any wonder that that … Continue reading

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“Five S” misused

The lean tool, 5s, is often a starting point for lean implementation. It makes sense, as on the surface, it is relatively easy, “straighten, sweep, set, standardise, and sustain”, but it is this last bit that catches people out. A … Continue reading

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Something old is new again.

It is a bit ironic to think that in the midst of the information revolution that is surrounding us, that we are in some ways reverting to the ways of pre-agricultural humans. Bit of a stretch? Just think, pre-agricultural humans … Continue reading

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