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Lessons from the cat.

The Victorian era threw up some extraordinary characters, amongst them Charles Dodgson, better known by his pseudonym, Lewis Carrol Here was a man who is best known for a children’s story, one that has deep messages for adults together with … Continue reading

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Marketing as a system.

  Firms are successful when all the elements of strategy development and execution are ‘aligned”, when functional management works in a synergistic manner, and when personal best interests are best served by serving the best interests of the firm. When … Continue reading

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Planning saves work

  Small businesses often do not spend the time to develop strategy, agreeing priorities, developing a point of difference, and a plan to execute in the marketplace, and as a result find themselves running harder and harder just to keep … Continue reading

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Depth Vs width.

How do you engage with hundreds of people as “friends”? On a personal level, you may engage deeply with a few, maybe a few dozen, electronically, there may be a group with a specific interest, and you engage with them … Continue reading

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The only sustainable advantage.

The evolution of the commercial and legal frameworks within which we live has left us with the notion of the firm as a legal entity, responsible for its debts, its own destiny, and to its owners for a return on … Continue reading

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Forecasts are not predictions.

If you want a prediction, go to the lady in the tent at the local fair. If you want a forecast, talk to those who have an intimate knowledge of the drivers of the outcomes you are seeking to forecast. … Continue reading

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The unanticipated benefit of experimentation.

The innovation process has many faces, the one becoming increasingly accepted is that of constant, small scale experiments to see what works in the market, and what can be learned to improve the next iteration. Sometimes when you experiment, something … Continue reading

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