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The chicken & egg of groups

One of my consistent themes has been the power of a group to get stuff done, and the ways the web facilitates, and empowers the processes needed to get the stuff done by the group. However, which is the chicken, … Continue reading

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The geometry of networks

It is pretty clear to most that the number of connections in a network grows more quickly than the number of people in the network. It is a mathematically consistent relationship captured by Metcalf’s Law, but in summary, you double … Continue reading

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Parliamentary performance measured.

On the “Insiders” show on Sunday, there was a review of the current Parliament, and how it had responded to the challenges of being ‘hung”. Notable was the interview of the Labor leader of the house, Anthony Albanese, and the … Continue reading

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15 uses of Twitter

I am indebted to Alan Rustbridger, editor of the Guardian newspaper whose recent Andrew Olle lecture articulated many of the challenges facing traditional media owners as the new social media destroys their business model. Among¬† the gems in this lecture … Continue reading

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Measuring adjacencies

¬†Innovation programs always throw up the word “adjacency” and it has lots of interpretations, depending on who is doing the talking. So here is my two bobs worth. Measure each of the following parameters on a 1-5 scale, (or 1-10 … Continue reading

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6 questions for a new product “reality check”

Most new products fail, and most of these failures are almost predictable, particularly in fast moving consumer markets, where the adage that “you need to be prepared to fail often to succeed sometimes” is regularly taken to irresponsible lengths. Following … Continue reading

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The new power of one

The power in commercial¬†relationships has shifted dramatically since the net. It has removed the power previously held by companies and institutions and handed it to individuals who choose to use it. No more can an enterprise afford to ignore or … Continue reading

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