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Encouraging evolution protects against revolution.

Evolution happens in most circumstances in the absence of strong ‘anti-evolution” measures, and often even then, generally there is stuff happening at the fringes. However, rigid barriers hold back change, until like the boy in the dyke, you run out … Continue reading

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Digital marketing or marketing in a digital world?

It is all a matter of perspective. Digital marketing implies an application of the existing disciplines of marketing, just tweaked a bit to accommodate the presence in the environment of digital options, facebook, linkedin, Pin it, and the rest. Marketing … Continue reading

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Politics Vs Organisational dynamics

“Politics” is a dirty corporate word, but “Organisational Dynamics” appears to be OK, and is gaining traction as a cliché. What is the difference? Both describe the process of accumulating the wherewithal to exercise influence, and dictate outcomes. It is … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a failed sales pitch.

I walked into a retail store last week, the salesperson wandered up, big smile,  “How can I help you” he said. Good start, better than the usual “Can I help?” which has as a possible answer, “No thanks, just looking”. … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced funding for SME’s.

Blogs, facebook, web sites, and e-books have all bypassed the mass model of publishing, enabling huge numbers of people a creative outlet not available before 2000, but there is still the need for seed-funding. Raising the modest amounts of money … Continue reading

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Management tax.

Not the latest desperate revenue raising measure from a proliferate government, but the cost to stakeholders of the multiple levels of management that infest most large organisations, but which add no direct value. Management  manages, it manages those underneath them, … Continue reading

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Common language and common understanding.

In a recent negotiation, a good faith, and non confrontational negotiation conducted in English between one of my clients and a prospective investor from East Asia who spoke virtually fluent but non colloquial English, we suffered from a misunderstanding emerging … Continue reading

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