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Paper-clip marketing.

When you have nothing else  to offer, price is what people use to make a judgement about which alternative to buy. Yours or someone else’s alternative? However, most people also recognise that you get what you pay for, and that … Continue reading

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Three simple rules of blogging

Hunt around in Google, and there are thousands of posts out there giving you lists of things to do to have a successful blog. A few Are pretty good,  but most a just lists of the blindingly obvious, hoping that … Continue reading

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Managements single greatest failure

Many years ago, pre-digital,  I gave time to a sales rep who rang up and promised to bring in some samples of brand new products from Europe that had changed the dynamics of the market segments they were in. I … Continue reading

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Have we lost it?

Until I was about 10 years old, I lived in a little cottage at North Avalon, and used to walk to primary school through the sandhills, along the beach, then to  school, and back. It sometimes took longer than it … Continue reading

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Where is the ‘Why”

For 35 years as a corporate  manager and consultant I have been an advocate of, amongst other things, personal accountability, marketing ROI, extensive use of data in decision-making but without eliminating the wisdom of individuals who have “been there, done … Continue reading

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Small businesses biggest problem

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, from the one person micro business working out of their garage, to the largest multinational. To call it “Lifeblood” sounds like a cliché, but  the thing about clichés is that generally they … Continue reading

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Digital is just a cost of business.

Who in business does not carry a business card of some sort, from the standard 9 X 5 bit of cardboard to the “it” thing of a USB with a resume, and published material as well as contact details on … Continue reading

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