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Blurring lines between manufacturing, capability, and imagination.

Manufacturing is  not just an amalgam of industries, far more importantly, it is a capability, a way to capture imagination in a physical form. In discussions about manufacturing, its slow demise in Australia, the level and type of support it … Continue reading

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Websites should be transactional

Things move on petty quickly. It is just a few years ago that even ordinary websites had a reasonable chance of being noticed, and communicate something worthwhile. Not now, a site that just offers static information is as relevant as … Continue reading

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Something to say, or Something interesting to say

Everybody has something to say, and the democratisation of the web means everyone has the opportunity.  Just take a look at the twitter feeds of some of the big brands, some inane crap written by a 10 year old intellect … Continue reading

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Marketing & Social media reviews

One of the foundations of mass marketing was to be able to segment your market, geographically, demographically, behaviorally, brand preferences, and so on. In the old days of mass media, it was really the only way to target messages at … Continue reading

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Cart and horse of media expenditure options

Digital communication is now a major consideration in any marketing budget, depending on whose numbers you believe, digital may now be even bigger than “traditional” communication channels. So how should you develop your creative and communication briefs? Concentrate on traditional … Continue reading

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Creative monopoly

Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal, early facebook investor,  uses this term to describe the opportunity created by not competing, not being pushed into the competitive funnel of beating the other guy, rather they prosper by looking for ways to be different, … Continue reading

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Big Brother CAN watch.

Privacy has been, and remains a key concern in relation to the use of the net, and particularly Social Media. Every time you log on you leave a trail, and as we increasingly log on with mobile devices, the data … Continue reading

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