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What truly differentiates you?

In planning sessions, much time is usually spent defining target markets, reviewing sales histories and projections, new product schedules, what customers were doing with competitors, and so on. Sometimes there is discussion about  what truly differentiates you from your competitors, … Continue reading

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For presentation junkies

Sometimes you come across a web site that intrigues, informs, and attracts you again and again. For me, TED is such a site, and within these sites, there are things to which you return for all sorts of often personal … Continue reading

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Being convincing to customers.

Make sure you outperform expectations, deliver in full on time every time, beat any deadline, know their business better than any of your competitors, listen to your market, and communicate, communicate, communicate. Communicate especially when there is bad news, souring … Continue reading

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Commercial triage.

Tough times generally favor making changes that would not be possible, or be very difficult in good times.  People are far more inclined to buy into the notion that “we cannot continue doing it the way we have been  doing … Continue reading

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An agile demand chain.

About the only thing we know about forecasts is that they are virtually always wrong, often drastically. This being the case, the ability to quickly react to short term changes in supply and demand, an advanced degree of agility would … Continue reading

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Forecast myopia (with apologies to Theo Levitt)

How often have forecasts been missed due to inadequate time being spent scrutinising the underlying assumptions. Often it seems to me that forecasts are exercises in optimism and opinion, rather than the outcome of rigorous analysis. For good forecasting outcomes, … Continue reading

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KISS me now.

The old chestnut Keep it Simple Stupid was never more appropriate. As confidence and with it activity collapses around us, simplicity is becoming ever more valuable. Simplicity is, however, anything but simple. Simplicity takes time , effort, and a sufficiently … Continue reading

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