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Return on management.

We measure return on the capital investments we make, there is an extensive, well understood, widely used set of tools that offer a framework for the calculations, most of us would be lost without them. However, whilst we all know … Continue reading

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Radical transparency

What you do, say and think is no longer private. Our lives are opening up to scrutiny as our previously private data moves into the public domain at geometric speed.¬† Much of being human depends on our ability to forge … Continue reading

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Marketing is demand generation

Sales forecasting is a common activity, you need to know how much revenue is going to be generated in the coming months. Usually it is done by sales, usually by a straight extrapolation with a few adjustments, and the only … Continue reading

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Seeing beyond the obvious

Innovation is all about seeing beyond the obvious answer, making the connections others miss, recognising cause and effect relationships differently. Most also accept that with training, our bodies perform better, we run faster, further, jump higher, etc. Surely it is … Continue reading

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Serendipity is rarely an accident.

“The harder I work the luckier I get” I’m not sure who said that first, but it is certainly widely agreed, absolutely true, and therefore almost a clich√©. The more ideas, the more the variation in the background, training, and … Continue reading

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Value adding ratio

Have you ever calculated yours? It is a pretty simple performance measure that carries a lot of weight, and contains the seeds of success, and destruction. In addition, if you know your industry well, it is pretty easily calculated for … Continue reading

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Forecast Demand, not sales

Sales revenue is probably the most common senior management KPI, and is virtually always present for sales people. It is a very misleading measure. A friend, one of the best sales people I know, is in an industry struggling to … Continue reading

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