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Go to the Gemba

“Gemba” is a Japanese term, literally “the real place”  and is a term used extensively in lean management, meaning, in effect, go to where it happens and look to understand. This originally meant the manufacturing floor, but just as easily … Continue reading

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Trade-offs required

“We will reduce the carbon going into the atmosphere, but it will not cost anyone (who votes) anything”. Sound familiar? How about “The budget calls for increased sales and margins, which means we will have to do more with less people … Continue reading

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“Advertainment” and brand building

The line between advertising to build brands and entertainment continues to blurr, and a whole new  arena for creativity has emerged in our marketing mix, unheralded amongst many  of those who run the corporations  that create most of our old … Continue reading

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Innovation top 50 performers

Fast Company’s innovation list is out again, the top 50 for the year. It includes the usual suspects, Google, Facebook, Linked-in, and so on, but also 2 retailers, Californian Trader Joes at 11, and Britain’s Marks & Spencer at 36. … Continue reading

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Social “Apponomics”

Apps are a part of our lives,  a very recent innovation, and they are not going away any time soon. The commercial challenge is how to monetarise them, make a return, build a business. We have learnt since the tech … Continue reading

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Marketing, blogging, and some introspection.

Writing this blog for a couple of years, to a small (but increasing) audience, has made me think about Kevin Costner. Sad. I started to write the blog, and for a long time no-one came, just as KC built the … Continue reading

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Presentations that work.

Marketing is mostly about storytelling, engaging people in the emotion of the value proposition, and every presentation you do is a selling opportunity, for an idea, a vision, and  sometimes a product. Presenting to an audience of strangers is for … Continue reading

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