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Business purpose revisited

I’ve written a bit over time about the value of a unifying business purpose, the way it can unify and motivate the stakeholders of an enterprise, often beyond the boundaries of just employees. It is all easy to say, but … Continue reading

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Easy decision matrix.

A couple of years ago working with the CEO of a family company as it struggled for commercial sustainability in an increasingly hostile environment, we came up with a 3 part package by which to judge all the competing priorities … Continue reading

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Lean & Six sigma sustain each other.

Lean is at its core a management system, a holistic way of looking at the way an enterprise manages itself through a culture tuned to improvement, group and personal responsability, while six sigma is a quantitative process of managing in … Continue reading

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Management and power

 Being in a position of senior management offers the opportunity for the exercise of power, and as we know, power corrupts. But why should it be so, and how can we protect ourselves, and our colleagues from the adverse impacts … Continue reading

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Australia Day reconsidered.

Amidst all the public utterances on Australia Day by elected representatives keen to be seen  for a moment on the tele, in print, or lauded in the blogosphere, calling for a wiser, more compassionate, considerate, and outward thinking Australia, ….. … Continue reading

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Successful on-line communities require a promise

Linux started with a promise, one that formed the basis of what has become a major player in the server operating system market, with a current share somewhere around 45%. Linus Torvalds     back in 1991 posted the following message on … Continue reading

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Lean operations undermine “offshoring?”.

Some time ago I mused that perhaps the worm was slowing if not turning, in relation to local manufacturing, rather than buying in from China as the default option. The crisis in the US, far worse than anything in this … Continue reading

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