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Shouting doesn’t work

  You can no longer win by shouting, there is always someone who can should louder, longer, and more effectively. You win today by being genuinely useful. Those on the receiving end will tell others, who will tell others, and … Continue reading

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Business half-life.

The speed at which things can happen is halving, and halving again, the wider implications of Moore’s Law at work. In such an environment, where is the value in static annual planning cycles, bi-annual sales meetings, 3 and 5 year … Continue reading

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Pitching an idea

The most powerful way to get someone to agree with your idea is to ask them the leading question, and have them tell you. Ronald Regan used this technique a lot. He did not tell the American people “your economic … Continue reading

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Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC day, 2013, a day Australia stops, and remembers. We remember  those who fell and amongst the detritus of hyperbole that seems to multiply every year, there are tales of courage, endurance and perseverance that should not be … Continue reading

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Cognitive productivity.

At a simple level, cognitive productivity is just using the brainpower at your disposal to deliver the optimum outcome, weather that brainpower be resident between your ears, or between the collective ears of many in a group. However, it is … Continue reading

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The “Twitter Pitch”

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) famously said “I do not have time to write you a short letter, so I have written you a long one”. This statement is a pitch for twitter 100 years before it was conceived, as the … Continue reading

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A Private note to the chairman: or 6 reasons to quit.

    It is always intriguing to get into a debate with one of my director peers about the way forward for an enterprise. Opinions vary, and the “chat” can become animated, as one did a few weeks ago. As … Continue reading

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