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Anti-social media

  “We just clicked” It’s an old expression to describe the situation where you meet someone, and find a lot to talk about, mutual interests, and an immediate comfort in each others company for some reason. In the digital world, … Continue reading

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Marketing is measurement, is marketing.

  Most of the best marketers I have worked with had a common strand of DNA. They were professionally trained, and came to marketing via their science, engineering, or maths training, for a variety of reasons. Took me a long … Continue reading

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Marketing Mediocrity (sic, crap)

  In this time of marketing abundance, huge opportunity to connect with consumers, understand their behavior and its drivers, both physical and psychological, not just the demographics of big groups who fall within arbitrarily nominated boundaries, why is the general … Continue reading

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Unplug, or just get some balance.

Yesterday walking to a train station in an unfamiliar part of Sydney, I asked directions of a “40-ish” bloke, making the mistake of not realising he had the plugs in, and was completely unaware of anything around him, including me. … Continue reading

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Top 11 tasks for Small businesses.

As I talk to small businesses, there is a very common set of things they should all be doing, remarkably common. So here they are: Doing what they currently do 10% better. Even if what they are doing is sub-optimal, … Continue reading

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Fire yourself.

Small business owners work harder, and often take home less than their employed peers. I see this all the time, again and again, in all sorts of contexts. Ever wondered why? In my experience, most go into business because they … Continue reading

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“Generosity” management

For a long time now I have advocated the notion that to get something back, you first need to put something in. Time, effort, knowledge, care, whatever. What you put in is less important that that simple act of being … Continue reading

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