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Lessons from SPC

Once the dust has settled, political mud-slinging completed, recriminations done, and blame been allocated over yesterdays decision by the Government not to support SPC Ardmona to the tune of $25 million, which would have triggered another $25 mill from the … Continue reading

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8 core questions of strategy

Carl von Clausewitz first said, “no strategy ever survived the first contact with the enemy” It was true in war, and is equally true in business, the only real difference is in the human cost. That said, not having a … Continue reading

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5 most powerful management words.

This post emerged from the monthly company meeting of a small , but successful Australian  manufacturing business for whom I do occasional work. One of their great practices, in my view, is the monthly “progress” meeting, where the results of … Continue reading

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The year of analytics

In Australia today, January 26, it is “Australia Day”, the day we Aussies, or most of us, think the place was started, conveniently ignoring the thousands of years of habitation before Captain Philip turned up with a bunch of convicts … Continue reading

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Three steps to agreement

    Peoples reaction to a question, choice, or situation is always coloured by their experience, education, background, and a myriad of other qualitative factors. Where there is a divergence of views, it can become heated, as people invest emotionally … Continue reading

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Visual analytics and statistics

Analytics is perhaps the buzzword of the moment, it seems to be attracting some of the same purveyors of snake-oil previously touting SEO as the saviour of all sins. Amongst the detritus, however, there are some gems. Avinash Kaushik’s  “Occum’s … Continue reading

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WCB spits the curd

It has been pretty certain that control of Warrnambool Cheese and Butter (WCB) would change since the opening bid by Bega Cheese in September  last year. It rapidly became an auction as rival bidders emerged, and WCB shareholders struck the … Continue reading

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