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Manage through people, not contracts.

Contracts are the point of last resort, they define the exit, should it become necessary. Believing a written contract that details how the dynamics of an evolving relationship will be managed is as dumb as believing  the lady in the … Continue reading

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Qualifications and experience

The measure of effectiveness is the extent to which you get things done, and how well they turn out, not how well you theorise, discuss, and promise to “move forward”. There are lots of highly qualaified,  smooth young operators out … Continue reading

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The last 10 yards.

Independent produce retailers appear to be resurgent, based on the quality of their offer to consumers. For years anybody who has been involved with FMCG has known about the challenge of the “last 10 yards“, the distance between a supermarkets … Continue reading

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Afghanistan revealed

I wonder why, when no army since Alexander has managed to retain control over what is now Afghanistan, that the US and it “Allies” including Australia think they can. The leaks over the weekend on Wikileaks,  puts a lot of … Continue reading

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Having a vision statement make you visionary?

Obviously not, but you would be surprised at how often the obvious is ignored.  A carefully crafted vision statement is agreed at an annual senior executive retreat, and out away until the review next year.  Nonsense. You need to live … Continue reading

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Democratising the net.

Most of us instinctively buy into the notion that the web has a “democratising” impact, it is a way for information to flow, to be disseminated, and this is absolutely true. However, what of the instinct of institutions, public and … Continue reading

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Apple bites it own hand.

It will be fascinating to watch how Apple, the masters of digital marketing, handle the latest hiccup with the antenna problems on the iPhone4.  Apple has now stumbled twice in a short time, the first was the furore over the … Continue reading

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