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5 Sales sins.

Sales is something we all do, all the time, professionally as well as in our private lives. We may not always  be selling a product for an employer, but we will be selling our ideas, priorities, time, and experience,  in … Continue reading

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Digital trust

It seems that there is something at work that is largely unnoticed. We no longer trust what we read in newspapers, but we tend to trust what we see on the net, weather it be in wikipedia, on  a site … Continue reading

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New media Politics.

Isn’t it interesting, the next election in NSW will be contested by a large number of independents, and they will all have a shot at being elected. It is pretty easy to just put this down to the appalling dross … Continue reading

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Leadership and market research

The thing about market research is that it can only elicit responses to the questions that are asked from within the context of what they already know and understand. Innovative solutions are rarely a result of asking a group, or … Continue reading

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Digital no substitute, just complementary.

Why is it that in the face of plummeting communication costs, and remarkable availability of new tools to make it easy, that business travel continues to grow? On first glance, we should be travelling less, not more, but on further … Continue reading

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Product Development Portfolios that work.

Creating and managing a development portfolio is a critical factor in the success of most commercial enterprises, but one that is done poorly in many I have seen. Some recent with a client struggling with the challenge for his organization served … Continue reading

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Transparency and blame

Achieving transparency is at the core of a lot of what I do in the fields of demand chain development, strategic alignment, and mentoring leaders. Transparency enables emerging problems and issues to be identified, and  addressed quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum … Continue reading

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