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New verb. “To Netf..k”

The verb that describes the process of retailers ignoring the shift to digital. Payment, e-shopping, mobile selection of destination, on-line reviews, and so on. The business model is rapidly evolving, whatever your current model may be, nothing is set in … Continue reading

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New age entrepreneurs

There are now so many one person businesses emerging,  SME’s that employ no-one on a full time basis, but call  on contractors and specialists when necessary, that I think we need a new term: “Solepreneurs”. They are often entrepreneurs, but … Continue reading

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Facebook in Beta circa 1517

In these  times of abundance of marketing “stuff”, bloggs, video content, on line advice and templates, what  we are missing is a deep intellectual understanding of the marketing process. The tools have changed, but at its core, human behavior has … Continue reading

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Do unto others…..

  The metaphor for business as war is widely used, and it does have considerable value when considering strategy, tactics, capability development and resource deployment. Marketing is a base component of this mix. It requires you to see the world, … Continue reading

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Old does not always mean outdated

  Advertising gets a lot of bad press, TV, radio, magazines, the backbone of advertising all last century have been supplanted by various digital platforms that accepts and places advertising, supposedly direct to a highly targeted audience, when they are … Continue reading

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Design thinking: wasted hype?

Perhaps unfortunately I was on the receiving end of a rant about design thinking last week. It was a  passionate, articulate, and informed rant, but a rant nevertheless. There is no doubt in my mind that design thinking is a … Continue reading

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Another slice off the cut loaf.

  Years ago there was a line in the film “Breaker Morant” where the breaker, played by Bryan Brown said of a young ladies virtue “another slice off a cut loaf will not be missed” . I never forgot the … Continue reading

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