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The power of will, not won’t

When I gave up smoking some 25 years ago, I did it “cold turkey” albeit after a lot of practice. It was not easy, but probably not as hard as the industry supplying stop smoking aids would now have you … Continue reading

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Carbon strategy dilemma

It seems to me that the government is on the horns of a dilemma. On one hand, they need to appease the Greens, securing their votes, by introducing a carbon tax, a course of action that seems very sensible in … Continue reading

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Analysis or strategy

Which is the chicken and which is the egg? Good strategy always requires good analysis as a foundation, but analysis without a clear understanding of the context of the analysis usually ends up as just data. Effective strategy development generally … Continue reading

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Another nail in the logic of outsourcing

Boeing, for a while after it took over McDonnell-Douglas, “owned” the commercial airliner business, with only the Airbus  consortium as competition in the large end of the business, although there are others in the small commuter end. However, the 787 … Continue reading

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Toyota’s branding mash-up

  The world-wide recall in 2009 of 10 million vehicles across  Toyota’s range must have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but is dwarfed by the long term cost to their brand. Now, the software blamed by pundits, politicians, sensationalist … Continue reading

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New architecture of collaboration

Things have changed, the tools of web 2.0 make collaboration, at least theoretically, really easy, so why it is so hard to get done? Outside the web, where Wikipedia, Linux, Ideo  and a few others have rewritten the rules, and … Continue reading

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Authority and responsibility.

This is a story of 2 bosses. One bloke I worked for over a considerable period in two different corporations never told me exactly what to do. We agreed outcomes and the resources to achieve them, project time frames and … Continue reading

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