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Present or Pitch

Working with a client recently, I realised my language had changed. The word “Pitch” had been substituted for the more usual “Present” as I encouraged them to get out and engage with their markets  in a very focused way to … Continue reading

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Leveraging mobile marketing

Big Brother is watching where you are, if you have a smartphone. The GPS capabilities of the newer smartphones opens up an extraordinary Pandora’s box of opportunities to market  to those in immediate reach, alternatively to deluge them with SPAM, … Continue reading

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Advertising miss-step?

 So, the Gruen team is down a member as Russell Howcroft moves on to take over running the ailing Channel 10. There must be a sense of irony here, he moves from career as a “Madman” moonlighting in a successful … Continue reading

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Big data or meaningful data

“Big data” appears to be the coming cliché amongst my propeller-headed friends,  as it gets cheaper to gather, store, and mine data, they are like excited 21st century versions of Oliver Twist, “more petabytes please sir”! Surely at some point … Continue reading

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Wisdom has a context

Strategy is about choice, which market, customer, technology, and so on. Never has this black and white choice been so stark a challenge as in publishing, as the established operators struggle to find profitability in the electronic age. Fairfax in … Continue reading

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Disrupted sales process

The web has disrupted the sales process, as well as just about everything else in our world. Just think about differences between how the process works now, and how it used to work. It now starts with a web search … Continue reading

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Apple mortgage?

The shape of Apple after Steve Jobs has been a source of much scribbling, and the launch on Friday of the newest version of its golden goose, the  iPhone 5 has given us a peek. The razzamatazz has been huge, … Continue reading

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