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Unpredictable is not random.

Some things we can predict with great accuracy, simply because we can quantify almost all the variables that come into play. The path a bullet will follow when fired, how long it will take a brick to hit the ground … Continue reading

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4 requirements of “Connection”

A pilot program I have been recently  involved with, setting out to  assist the evolution of a” Sydney Harvest” brand of local produce has not delivered the results hoped for. After years of agitation by produce growers in the Sydney … Continue reading

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4 Marketing lessons from SPC

There is a lot to learn from the SPC imbroglio, the feds must be delighted to have got away with their IR/”no more handouts”  agenda intact as the Victorian government bailed out not only SPC, but their federal colleagues, albeit … Continue reading

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Marketing is telling stories.

B2B and B2C is the way marketing has been described for the last 20 years. Nonsense. Marketing when successful has always been P2P, person to person. Successful marketing is about engaging  with people and people engage around stories, not data … Continue reading

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One final test.

“If this was your money, would you invest it this way”. This question worked well for many years as a corporate executive, asking the question of those who reported to me about the projects for which they were seeking support. … Continue reading

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8 Moments of truth

Jan Carlzons great 1987 book Moments of Truth reflected on the point at which a “front line” employee interacted with a customer, and how important that interaction was. The digitisation of our lives has profoundly changed the context in which … Continue reading

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How to be Successful with direct mail

Digital and email marketing is just the C21st version of direct snail-mail. Why is it then that we despair when our email open rates are only 2%, when that is all most direct mail campaigns ever got? I think we … Continue reading

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