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6 Collaboration misconceptions

Collaboration is as much about planning and hands-on work down in the weeds as any other sort of work. It is very easy to see collaboration as the new panacea for many challenges, but it is as hard work as … Continue reading

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When customer feedback does not matter

Sometimes asking a customer, or potential customer what they want is a bad strategy, as they can only respond from the perspective of what they already know and understand. When you have something different and unknown to offer, there is … Continue reading

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The genetic code of organisations.

Large organisations tend to have what is usually called their own “culture” but when you look deeper, there is a more basic form of “sameness” amongst organisations in a field, particularly those in a public field, Government departments, churches, non … Continue reading

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“Pre mortem” beats learning

Completing an AAR, (After Action Review) is now¬† widely practiced, effectively a commercial post mortem after any major commercial activity. Completing an AAR has been standard practice for a long time after a capital expenditure, generally called something else, but … Continue reading

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New verb: To “Rupert”

Rupert Murdoch’s refusal to accept any responsibility for the behavior of his staff in tapping phones to get stories, was grand farce. Did he pay the pie-chucker? When compared with the actions of the MD of Arnott’s some years ago … Continue reading

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An unseemly rush to the trough.

Irrespective of your views on climate change, the carbon tax, global warming, and the need for change, the sight of all the spivs and carpetbaggers mixed amongst the crowd setting out to get their noses into the new troughs created … Continue reading

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One tiny word to alter the carbon debate.

It seems to me that the carbon “debate” currently taking place fails on the most basic level of dealing with any of the facts. It is simply a political poop throwing contest, where the only success factor in either of … Continue reading

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