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Where has the value of Christmas gone?

Yesterday in the midst of a sizeable gathering, one person was moaning about the rip-off represented by Christmas hampers, specifically one she had received the previous day. “Full of stuff I could have bought and probably cost half as much, … Continue reading

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Negotiating with context and anchoring

We all negotiate every day, from the small mundane things in our lives to once in a decade decisions. Two simple tools can greatly influence the outcome: 1. Controlling the environment in which the negotiation takes place, and 2. Constructing … Continue reading

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Digital strategy irony

Like most newspaper groups, Fairfax has failed to evolve to accommodate the depredations of the digital revolution. Their business model is broken, and the way forward is unclear. The one spot of light in a gloomy future was the NZ … Continue reading

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3 simple Powerpoint tips for Christmas

 Everybody, well almost everybody, uses Powerpoint. Some use it well, many use it poorly, and some are just appalling. We have all sat through that presentation by somebody we thought had something to say, and they said it all on … Continue reading

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Seeing the real cause

How often do we get sidetracked by several possible causes of an adverse or unexpected outcome? In the course of doing a fair bit of process improvement work over the years, one of the really successful strategies I have used … Continue reading

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You can’t test everything

Web based A/B testing goes a long way towards eliminating dumb mistakes, making the best choice, creating a discipline around innovative activity, and encouraging change, and has been made far easier in a whole range of areas by the data … Continue reading

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An Apple supply chain pivot?

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO has just come out and announced that Apple will restart manufacturing in the US, starting with an unnamed Mac computer model, some time in the near future. The driver of “offshoring” to sources of cheap … Continue reading

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Flawed sales funnel metaphor

We are all pretty familiar with the typical sales funnel, wide at the beginning, narrowing progressively as you get closer to the “business end”. It is a simple, descriptive metaphor for other than an impulse or regular consumer purchase, but … Continue reading

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Rule of 3

There are three types of activity in any business, from the small one man service operators to BHP. Doing all the things that generate revenue, today, tomorrow, and into the future, Doing the necessary things that support the generation of … Continue reading

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A bigger pile of hay.

Listening this morning to a discussion about the value of a review of the GST sharing regime currently in place, a small part of the GST regime, I was reminded of the  geometric nature of the complications that arise from … Continue reading

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A really good explanation of the Kickstarter process. Crowdfunding is not the new panacea for new ventures to raise money, you still need a robust business plan, the right people, and a value proposition that really works, but it is … Continue reading

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The forest or the tree.?

Can’t see the forest for the trees!. This is a pretty common expression, almost a cliché observing that the pressure of the detail overcomes the view of the whole. However, a tree is a part of the foundation of the … Continue reading

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