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Finding good employees in a downturn should be easy.

Right? Probably wrong 90% of the time. Superficial logic says when there are lots of people looking for jobs, it should be easy to find one to do yours, this may be true, but is it the right person for … Continue reading

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The risk & return of IT

One of my clients is currently undergoing a risk management exercise, pretty ordinary, albeit important stuff. List all the conceivable risks, rate their probability of occurrence, consider the impact if they occurred, and the consider the costs of mitigation. From … Continue reading

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Apologies are ammunition

It is unusual for a leader to apologise on their own volition, for anything from a minor misjudgement, to a major fluff-up, but when they do, it gives great assurance to those around that the person is human, and big … Continue reading

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Reconsider the “facts”

A short while ago I found myself in a fairly robust debate about the merits or otherwise of the various industry “marketing & R&D” bodies that¬† have inhabited Australian agriculture for decades. Dairy, meat, Horticulture, grains, all have, or have … Continue reading

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Ahead of the wave.

Seth Godin is once again ahead of the wave with the launch of Brands In Public. The logic is simple, today, you cannot control the conversations that occur about your brand or business, they happen across the myriad of access … Continue reading

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The many brands of branding

Green marketing, Eco marketing, carbon aware marketing, food miles marketing, Cause marketing, all are segments of “marketing” that have potential appeal to an “aware” group of consumers that just a few years ago would have been lumped together, and considered … Continue reading

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A picture still tells a thousand words.

Seth Godin a short time ago wrote a post on priorities, goes to the heart of the dilemma we all face,¬† sorting our own version of The priority list . Then Tom Fishburne reflects Seths observations in one picture. What … Continue reading

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