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Counting only what counts

Social media can be seductive, the chase for the raw numbers, without considering the quality of the numbers. I am little different, I like to see the numbers, which whilst relatively low, are steadily building on this blog, as the … Continue reading

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3 simple improvement questions.

 The clarion call for improvement, in everything from the minor shop floor activities to big picture strategic implementation is clear. We all need to do more with less, and this requires that we identify which bits of our current activities … Continue reading

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Manufacturing health check

Another story about a US company going against the trend and “on-shoring” to shorten supply times, improve quality and certainty, and gain control over their operations. Forward thinking companies in developed economies are starting to recognise that manufacturing is a … Continue reading

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On customer service and empty stables.

Last week I had a problem with my mobile internet connection when changing plans. Usually a simple process, something went array in the supplier, and I could not connect and as the “new improved” plan rolled into service, I had nothing, … Continue reading

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Carbon tax agnostic

 I am getting pretty sick of being told by blathering pollies and nuts from both sides that I am either:  1. An ignorant climate change skeptic, or 2.  A proponent of a new tax that will the “roon of us all” … Continue reading

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Is this the death-knell of brands?

How does a branded product withstand the power of a retailer duopoly that controls 65% of Australia’s supermarkets? That question has exercised the minds of proprietary FMCG brand owners for over  30 years, since the first house-branded  “No Frills”   products … Continue reading

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Branding for a “war”.

What sort of goose named the US  operation against Libya as “Operation Odyssey Dawn”? OK, they might have had PR trouble calling it “Operation kill Gadhafi ” or “Operation Sandman mash”, but Odyssey Dawn??? Who are they kidding? The US … Continue reading

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