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The Value Gap

Engaged in an innovation portfolio management assignment a while ago, we struggled to define why one project should continue to suck up resources in preference to many other seemingly worthy opportunities. We tried all sorts of models, financial and strategic, … Continue reading

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Algorithms are the new gatekeepers

  There have always been gatekeepers, those people who make the decisions about what you see, what you have the opportunity to buy, and weather or not you can participate. The supermarket buyer determines what goes on the shelves, a … Continue reading

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The old duck metaphor.

A story on myself. I am in the middle of a small project that requires considerable collaboration amongst people not used to collaborating. Always challenging. In a conversation over the weekend with an old mate, wise in the ways of … Continue reading

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Modern marketing Trinity and the glue

  Sick of the avalanche of unsolicited email coming in to your inbox? Most of us are, and my kids have reacted by virtually turning email off, and using social media to communicate with those in their circles. The volumes … Continue reading

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Simplifying innovation

Innovation takes up a lot of my time, and whilst successfully bring a new product to market is a huge task, challenging as it does all sorts of personal, organisational and financial barriers, it can nevertheless be broken down into … Continue reading

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The semantic disruption of Agriculture

The success of the last 250 years in western economies is based on the economies of scale. Harnessing technology to deliver greater productivity per unit of input, capital, labour, and raw material. All industries have been disrupted from the cottage … Continue reading

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Reality is visual

I had a post prepared for this morning, relating to the evolution of “local” agriculture, specifically around Sydney. However, the events of the weekend, the burning of Sydney’s surrounding bushland, including several of the farms of those I have been … Continue reading

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