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Why not Organic?

An obtuse end of year thought, considering the problems the Government is having with its Green partner in policy.  A convergence of trends, organic, free range, sustainable, all the other adjectives, food is all the rage, why not re-brand those … Continue reading

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Thanks for hearing.

The hard part about writing a blog, I have found, is not finding stuff to write about, but finding stuff that has not been written about before, or finding a new twist on an old topic, and then being sufficiently … Continue reading

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Best management tool ever

The best management tool available is amongst the cheapest, a pair of shoes. Hierarchies are vertical, they filter and modify information as it goes up and down an organisation, but real things, those that customers pay for,  get done in … Continue reading

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Meritocracy, not democracy.

Meritocracy is about the best ideas, whereas democracy is about consensus, usually an average outcome. In a democracy, those who manage to smooth the waters, and gain the average usually get ahead, but in a true meritocracy, those with the … Continue reading

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The challenge of the first

Ever thought about how markets happen, how the emerge, how they grow? A new market has to have a first customer, most marketers look to the value proposition, the competitive landscape, the distribution channels, the mechanics of manufacturing, the service … Continue reading

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SME’s need to adapt or die

Being a supplier to FMCG retailers is really, really hard. The two gorillas are demanding, unreasonable, and often just plain stupid, at least that is a suppliers assessment. If you asked the retailers, they would just be doing their jobs, … Continue reading

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Collaboration and the cost of yesterday

Ronald Coase  was first to recognise and articulate the economic relationship between individuals and the co-coordinating structures necessary to organise the work of individuals, coining the term “Transaction costs” in his 1937 essay “The nature of the firm”  Coase in … Continue reading

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Too busy!!

Busy, busy, busy, everyone is too busy to do anything important. We have had a reshuffle of the federal cabinet, busy people, dedicating limited  time to gay marriage and other such important matters, a client of mine is so busy … Continue reading

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Retail hat dance

From bricks and mortar, to the web, and now to mobile apps. What is next for retailing? There was a blue last week between the current and previous MD of David Jones, about who wore the blame for DJ’s being … Continue reading

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“2 X 1” strategy matrix

A variation on the classic Boston Consulting model of product portfolio management the classic 2 X 2 matrix, dogs, cows, stars, and, and, and, everybody forgets the fourth category. Usually it is depicted with a “?” in the matrix, and … Continue reading

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Costs of risk.

The formula for risk analysis of innovation could be written as: Likelihood of failure X Cost of failure. Therefore, in a traditional hierarchical organisation,  there is an ingrained reluctance to take risks and perhaps fail because of the financial cost, … Continue reading

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11 requirements for Collaboration co-ordinators

Currently, I am in the middle of a project that seeks to find a way to motivate a collaboration between a group of industry and government bodies on a pressing problem. None of these bodies have a culture that welcomes … Continue reading

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Overnight success.

An idea is the outcome of all that has gone before, resulting in the “eureka” moment, the equivalent of the singers overnight success after 10 years of work in obscurity, playing smokey bars, gaining experience and honing skills. Usually, ideas … Continue reading

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3 requirements for Respect

Respect is a word bandied about a fair bit, but what does it really mean in an organisational sense? It seems to me that respect is rarely built by an avoidance of conflict, rather by the willingness to meet it … Continue reading

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Return on Exposure

How do you calculate the value of an investment in social media? Any investment attracts the need to try to quantify the returns, both to measure the success of the investment when it is too late to do much about … Continue reading

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Worlds best digital marketing campaigns

Marketing on line is no longer the “next new thing” it was just a few short years ago, it is mainstream, a major consumer of marketing resources, and source of huge marketing value when done well. As with all new … Continue reading

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