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Why not Organic?

An obtuse end of year thought, considering the problems the Government is having with its Green partner in policy.  A convergence of trends, organic, free range, sustainable, all the other adjectives, food is all the rage, why not re-brand those … Continue reading

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Thanks for hearing.

The hard part about writing a blog, I have found, is not finding stuff to write about, but finding stuff that has not been written about before, or finding a new twist on an old topic, and then being sufficiently … Continue reading

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Best management tool ever

The best management tool available is amongst the cheapest, a pair of shoes. Hierarchies are vertical, they filter and modify information as it goes up and down an organisation, but real things, those that customers pay for,  get done in … Continue reading

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Meritocracy, not democracy.

Meritocracy is about the best ideas, whereas democracy is about consensus, usually an average outcome. In a democracy, those who manage to smooth the waters, and gain the average usually get ahead, but in a true meritocracy, those with the … Continue reading

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The challenge of the first

Ever thought about how markets happen, how the emerge, how they grow? A new market has to have a first customer, most marketers look to the value proposition, the competitive landscape, the distribution channels, the mechanics of manufacturing, the service … Continue reading

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SME’s need to adapt or die

Being a supplier to FMCG retailers is really, really hard. The two gorillas are demanding, unreasonable, and often just plain stupid, at least that is a suppliers assessment. If you asked the retailers, they would just be doing their jobs, … Continue reading

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Collaboration and the cost of yesterday

Ronald Coase  was first to recognise and articulate the economic relationship between individuals and the co-coordinating structures necessary to organise the work of individuals, coining the term “Transaction costs” in his 1937 essay “The nature of the firm”  Coase in … Continue reading

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