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Word of mouth is not free

This morning a friend was telling me about a product he had used recently, and how it changed his life. Well, made a small piece of it better at least. Next time I am looking for a product in that … Continue reading

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Sporting analogies don’t always work.

Tonight is the first Origin game of 2014, and so  I expect to hear lots of people using sporting analogies  over the next few weeks, particularly football. Sporting analogies abound in business, “A team of champions does not make a … Continue reading

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Show the value

Fountain Tomato Sauce used to be the market leader in NSW, daylight was second and third. This was a long time ago, and responsibility for the Fountain brand was my first real job as a product manager who had real … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it is just a cigar

The photo of Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann smoking a cigar just before the budget has raised temperatures in all sorts of places. I wonder why?  After all, it is just a cigar. Some are annoyed that they seem to … Continue reading

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Predicting the future Vs leading edge of current

The future prediction business has so far failed to find a sustainable business model, apart from the fun stuff in the tent with the funny lady with the cards and crystal ball. About the only serious people who still profess … Continue reading

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FMCG conga line rides again

Years ago I worked as a junior marketing bloke for Allied Mills, which became Meadow Lea Foods, then Goodman Fielder. I returned  25 years later as a contractor running a specialist unit of the ingredients  division in a pre-sale “polish-up” … Continue reading

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6 Steps in Managing Serendipity

“Serendipity” .  Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. Websters Dictionary. My old Dad used to say “Son, the harder I work, the luckier I get” and it has usually worked … Continue reading

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