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The Jobs legacy

The retirement of Steve Jobs last week has prompted a blizzard of comment, even a cartoon, from my favorite Tom Fishburne, and at the risk of just adding to it,  it seems appropriate to simply state that a bloke I … Continue reading

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Patents: Tax or Protection?

I was amazed to realise that the recent dog fight to buy Nortel,  was really driven by the patents they had, rather than the value of the operational parts of the business. After an opener bid by Google of $900mill, … Continue reading

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Sustainable innovation requires proximity

Global sourcing, whilst offering benefits to customers in the county doing the outsourcing, has the long term effect of reducing the relative innovative capacity of the “outsourcer.” As innovators seek the lowest cost for the product of their innovative output, … Continue reading

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The three gorillas

The decision yesterday by the federal Court to allow Metcash to purchase Franklins from Pick n Pay, then onsell, presumably with tied supply agreements is another nail in the coffin of competition in the retail trade, despite the interpretation of … Continue reading

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Marketing ecosystems evolving to inbound marketing

“Old” marketing is all about a business sending its messages out to their markets, it is what we are all used to, and it is the way much of our marketing ecosystem has evolved, outbound marketing. The “new” marketing ecosystem … Continue reading

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Quick Response codes rock!

Potentially, quick response (QR) codes   will revolutionise mobile marketing.  They offer the opportunity to open URL links easily from mobile devices, enabling content to be accessed easily on the move. This link to the new marketing program for Central Park in … Continue reading

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Free media. Mostly, you get what you pay for.

Media is now “free”, you can make a commercial and put it up on youtube and work/hope to attract an audience, a significant difference to buying time on TV, where you are paying for the delivery of an audience to … Continue reading

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