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Archimedes & the web.

  Archimedes theorised that “With a long enough lever, you could move the world”  It appears that the web is such a lever, as the world has changed as a result of the leverage applied by the development of the … Continue reading

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Leadership & management.

  There is a difference between telling someone what to do (management) and inciting a movement (leadership). Managers use organisational structures to get stuff done, leaders create momentum by enabling connections to be made amongst like minded people, and showing … Continue reading

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Trust or truth.

  Trust is often cited as the key in making relationships, personal or commercial work. What is sometimes poorly understood is that trust is an outcome of lots of other things, primary amongst them is truth, along with consideration of … Continue reading

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  The rules of the game have changed, marketing is about the engagement  of customers. My definition of marketing, is” the recognition, building, protecting and leveraging competitive advantage” Engagement by consumers in the brand proposition is what that is all … Continue reading

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Horizontal and vertical chains.

  The usual, and correct view of a supply chain is a number of competitors at each point in the chain competing to provide the goods and services necessary to send the goods along to the next stage.  The classic … Continue reading

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Independence and interdependence

    Interdependence drives successful collaboration, and collaborative arrangements never survive without clear areas of interdependence. When individual collaborators judge their actions in the context of the best outcome for the group, rather than their own short term best interests, … Continue reading

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Value add at half the price, the end of a market?

  Yesterday I got a telemarketing offer for a half price newspapers subscription, delivered to my door from one of the major dailies. Of course I signed up, beats walking to the newsagent and paying double! The other major daily in … Continue reading

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