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Digital Darwinism.

It is simply a fact of life that digital media is evolving faster than the existing institutions around it, particularly the regulatory ones. The decision during the week to reverse the Federal Courts decision on the streaming of “almost live” … Continue reading

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Advertising: cost or investment?.

The costs of advertising only get counted when you do lousy advertising. When you place an ad, and you get a great response, the costs are never considered, but place a lousy ad, getting little response, then the cost is … Continue reading

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What we share and how we are seen.

Emotional intelligence, EI has a whole lot of psychological mumbo jumbo surrounding it, a search will turn up almost a million articles. So, I’ll simplify all that by saying it is the capability a person has to empathise and then … Continue reading

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Reputational Capital.

Trust is a greatly over-used word in management conversations, and has therefore lost much of its meaning, becoming a cliché for “lets hope”. People trust brands when they deliver consistently over time, but trust is like a bucket with a … Continue reading

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Cognitive Surplus

This is a term coined by Clay Shirky to describe the ideas, skills, knowledge that resides in peoples minds, and on enterprise shelves, unused, ignored, and sometimes actively avoided. His argument is that there has been a huge shift in … Continue reading

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Investing for the future Vs paying for the past.

It is encouraging to see some intelligent debate emerging on the state of Australia’s productivity. The business forum in  Canberra on April 12, the comment on the speech and scary graphs Don Argus presented a few weeks ago, and just … Continue reading

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Foundations of strategy

Observing and working with a wide range of clients and networks over a long period, it seems to me that there are three foundations of strategy that appear time and time again, present in the successes, and absent in the … Continue reading

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Retailer advertising

Woolworths has “gone for the box”, advertising their “Select” range of housebrand products. The ads broke last weekend, (they have been removed from Youtube, curious) and to me appear to pretty effective, because they convey a single, simple proposition, that … Continue reading

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Social branding brilliance.

Content is the new creativity. In the “old days” a core part of developing advertising that had brand building as its purpose, was a need to be memorable, relevant, deliver a proposition, and cut through the clutter on TV (or … Continue reading

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Paradox of planning & doing.

We all do stuff in business every day, and largely assume that it needs to be done because it is in the budget. In other words, we are making investment decisions at a micro level simply because there is an … Continue reading

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Tyranny of the urgent.

I kept a diary of how I spent my time recently, and noted a number of things I suspected, but did not have the “data” such as it was. Being “connected” had reduced my productivity significantly. My concentration was broken … Continue reading

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Social Media is just the tool.

Like Theodore Levitt’s old adage of marketing that people don’t buy a drill, they buy a hole, so it is with Social Media. Social media is the tool, it can be used badly, effectively, creatively, and efficiently, like any tool, … Continue reading

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To SM or not to SM

I find myself continually attempting to argue the case for investment in Social Media at the expense of more traditional broadcast and print media. Almost everyone I interact with from my large clients to the local tennis club fail to … Continue reading

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A sense of shared purpose.

A small manufacturing business I work with, operating in a domain now dominated  by a few huge retailers, and cheap imported products, is facing a dilemma. Three key people are leaving at pretty much the same time, for different reasons, … Continue reading

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